My Big Hello

from by Henry Boy Jenkins

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My Big Hello
©2004 Henry Boy Jenkins

Well, she’s as pretty as a picture
In her leopard-skin pillbox hat
In my Bikini Island camera club
I’m Cyrano de Bergerac

Shootin’ fish in barrels
Hoops ‘n’ garters
Singin’ “Tra-la-boom-dee-aye”
While all the shutterbugs are shakin’
She’s paradin’ in her bustier

Well, it ain’t the dance, it’s the dancer
And it ain’t the smoke, it’s the cancer
Let the circumstantial evidence expose

My Big Hello
To you
Big Hello
To you
Big ol’ fine “How-do-you-do”
Big Hello to you

Well, she’s some kind of fine and dandy
In her candy-striped corselet
I’m her electric Don Quixote
My tripod hasn’t failed me yet

Gotcher stiletto telephoto
And my heart is screamin’
“Hold the phone!”
We’re talkin’ Baby Doll pajamas
Spinnin’ platters by the Penningtones

Well, it ain’t the boat, it’s the ocean
And it ain’t the beat, it’s the motion
And my singular devotion’s on the rise...”Surprise!”

Big Hello
To you
Big Hello
To you
Big ol’ fine “How-do-you-do”
Big Hello to you

I heard you all got love for sale
The devil’s barbequed my tail
My heart’s as heavy as a boulder

There ain’t no rest for the wicked
Go on--serve up that Wilson Pickett
I got an angel on my shoulder
“Hello, Baby!”

Well, she’s the classic Teaserama
She’s the naughty little girl next door
The way she shimmies for the jimmies
I forget just what I came here for

I’m gonna mail a little letter:
“Mister Frederick, send your best fishnets”
I’ll catch a tempest in a C-cup
Lord, I love that alphabet!

Well, it ain’t the owl, it’s the hooter
And it ain’t the shot, it’s the shooter
I will be your suitor, baby, hear me howl


from The Big Parade, released November 23, 2004



all rights reserved


Henry Boy Jenkins Seattle, Washington

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